Qudo Soother is a finalist in the Baby Products Association Concept and Innovation Awards 2021!

The Qudo SootherTM was selected by the Baby Products Association as one of the 3 finalists in the Concept and Innovation Awards 2021.

We’re over the moon to have reached the finals of this award and Nicky Bateman attended the Harrogate International Nursery Fair 2021 this October.  Qudo were given a stand at the show to showcase the innovative Qudo SootherTM, courtesy of the Baby Products Association.  The Qudo SootherTM was just pipped to the winning post but received a very close 2nd. 

Nicky said “I’m delighted that the Qudo SootherTM was a finalist in the Baby Products Association Concept and Innovation Awards 2021 and I am very proud to have received this validation from the Baby Products Association.  We believe this product will transform the lives of young babies, their parents and their families. The atmosphere at the Harrogate International Nursery Fair was fantastic. Full of innovation and a great opportunity to meet manufacturers, suppliers and retailers.  I would like to thank the Baby Products Association for their support”.

Rachelle Harel of the Baby Products Association Executive Committee, one of the Judges of the Concept and Innovation Award 2021 category and Director of Little Chick London said:

“Myself and the other judges were hugely impressed with this product (Qudo SootherTM), our feelings were that it was a product that solves the problems of many, many mums.  What we specifically liked about Qudo was its simplicity, easy application for mothers, fathers and carers as well as practitioners. The commercial viability of this product is very high, it’s easily manufactured, easily accessible and it is affordable for parents and at the end of the day that’s what parents want, a simple affordable solution for their problems.”

Rachelle went on to say, “I feel that being a finalist in Baby Products Association Concept and Innovation Awards really does lend credibility to the product and the team behind it, I really do highly commend this team.”

Persistent crying is one of the most common issues for parents of young, otherwise healthy babies, regardless of background, culture or experience. The emotional impact on both infants and parents is dramatic, leading to many longer term issues.

Research carried out by Qudo, showed that 60% of parents said their babies suffered from persistent crying – caused by colic, reflux, GORD, trapped wind, tongue tie and general undiagnosed discomfort. With over 750,000 babies born each year in the UK alone, that’s an enormous amount of babies, parents and families suffering for weeks on end.  The vision for Qudo is to launch into Europe and beyond shortly after the UK launch in 2022.  Babies worldwide need access to this valuable, natural solution for the enormous problem of persistent crying. 

Whilst at the Fair, Nicky also met Elliot Bishop, CEO of bébélephant, one of the UK’s largest independent distributors in the nursery sector.  As a distributor of nursery products, one of the first stands he visits at the Harrogate International Nursery Fair is the Concept and Innovation Awards stand.  

Elliot commented, 

“Those of us who have been fortunate enough to have children will know the challenges that are involved when unfortunately, children have colic and the product (Qudo Soother) that has been produced by this company (Qudo Baby Ltd) will be a real game changer and will do exceptionally well when it comes to market.”

He added “I sincerely believe that this product has potential, not only from a retail perspective but also from an investment perspective. If someone is looking to invest in a product that’s got legs that is going to go somewhere, I think this is a great product to invest in.  I haven’t seen anything like it on the market, that’s what drew me to it.  As a distributor, that’s exactly what we’re looking for in the market.  We want to find innovative, quirky products, medical devices such as this, that will help parents in the difficult times when a baby isn’t feeling too great and we think this is really going to do the trick.” 

Qudo SootherTM is an innovative, science driven solution for persistent crying in young babies.  The soother, a result of 10 years research, delivers relief through its unique, patented teat design that incorporates a combination of specific angle, density and texture. It mimics the benefits of Craniosacral and Chiropractic treatment.  It provides non-medicinal, natural relief for babies suffering with discomfort and persistent crying.  Proven to work in a clinical trial in 2019 with University of Surrey, Qudo SootherTM provides relief when babies suck this unique soother.  The teat is angled to apply gentle pressure on the upper palate and releases tensions and strains.  It is much more satisfying than a traditional dummy and sucking helps ease the pressure and strain patterns formed within the bone and soft tissue structures of the head. 

The Qudo SootherTM is recommended for babies from birth and is most effective when used in the first few weeks of life.  It will be available to purchase in 2022, after a crowdfunding campaign to commence manufacturing of the product.

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26 October 2021