Nursery Online Interview with Nicky Bateman

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The innovative Qudo Soother™ delivers therapeutic relief to infants through the patented teat design and is a natural, easy and proven solution for parents to help their young infants struggling with persistent crying, colic, reflux, GORD, general discomfort and pain.

Qudo is driven by Nicky Bateman’s determination and passion to help infants have the best start in life and her direct experience as a Paediatric Chiropractor and Craniosacral Therapist, supporting crying babies and their families, has shaped the vision for Qudo.

At the recent Harrogate International Nursery Fair, Nicky was recently announced as a Finalist in the Concept & Innovation Awards 2021. She explained to Nursery Online what sets Qudo apart from a traditional soother:

 “Our patented soother has a uniquely designed teat that mimics sucking on a finger. The teat’s shape, angle and density is formulated to softly rest on a baby’s upper palate to naturally relieve strains and structural tensions. Qudo’s unique design relieves persistent crying by enhancing an infants’ cranial rhythm, resetting and improving biological and physiological mechanisms. This helps to naturally release tensions within their body, providing therapeutic relief from the discomfort often caused at birth or from lying in the womb.”

Who is Qudo for?

“It’s essentially for every single parent with a crying baby – typically those who are just a few weeks up to around 12 weeks old – when the demands of a crying baby are usually the most stressful for parents. The youngest baby who tried it during our testing phase was just one week old and we also found it provided immense relief to those suffering with tongue tie. We’ve found that it soon becomes the ‘go to’ soother, especially since it uses an entirely natural non -medicinal approach.”

Child safety is paramount for most parents: how do you ensure your product is safe to use?

“Our unique design adheres to strict safety standards (including BS EN 1400 standards and BS EN 12868 which is specifically for teats and soothers). We’re proud to use a special medical device manufacturer here in the UK and, as an additional guarantee, our products are made in a clean room environment to ensure no contamination. We use a BPA free teat and the soother is ultrasonically welded, an extra built-in safety feature which is reassuring for parents.”

You were a finalist in the recent Concept and Innovation Awards at Harrogate. What does that mean to you?

“It was our first trade show and we found it very exciting. There was a lovely atmosphere and the feedback from trade visitors, other retailers and manufacturers was very positive. The judges were also very complimentary about our product. Moving forward it’s given us the trade validation that we’ve got a good idea, that we’re making a product that will truly make a difference – and it’s lovely to be rewarded for that effort and the rigorous science and testing involved. Although new to the baby industry, I’ve worked with babies for over 20 years and it’s a privilege and a joy to be able to do something to make a difference. For women who are pregnant to have the best birth, and to work with families, across all ages.”

Why should a retailer stock Qudo?

“We’re not in manufacture yet so we haven’t finalised RRP – but we’re open to expressions of interest, especially from the UK as we’re a British company supporting British manufacturing. As the product doesn’t involve medication, it’s an easy purchase for parents – but from our research showing that 60% of new parents report persistent crying with babies, we’re confident that the market is ready for Qudo.”

Do retailers require any special training or knowledge in order to sell Qudo?

“Probably not, but we would of course be very happy to support them through educational materials, displays and videos, outreach and support through our community.”

Can you share any specific plans or developments for Qudo for the year ahead?

“Our key aim is to launch Qudo into the UK next year. Thanks to an ‘Innovate’ grant, product number 2 is in the pipeline, again to support parents who are struggling. Through social media, we intend to create a science-led, non-judgmental community of experts across all disciplines and encourage parents to get involved through Facebook Lives and so on. After all, the development of our products is entirely led by babies, with feedback coming directly from babies and parents.”

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21 November 2021