Healthcare experts share magic of first hand experience of QudoTM Soother

Recently, a “medical” family reached out to QudoTM. Their second child, a beautiful daughter, started using a QudoTM Soother prototype when their daughter was one week old and continues to use it now. The mother is a Chiropractor, the father a GP. This is their story. 

The mother’s story 

“I had seen Nicky’s [Bateman] posts about QudoTM Soother in the Chiropractic Facebook group. Having witnessed both professionally and personally how many newborns struggle with persistent crying and colic, I knew I wanted to have one available for my second baby. My daughter used it happily from one week old. I wanted her to use the QudoTM Soother as I knew the benefit she would get from it. I’m not really a fan of pacifiers but this is different – it’s not like any other pacifier. It is designed specifically to help.

As the packaging explains, it took a few tries for her to get used to the QudoTM Soother. As soon as she got it, she used it happily and now takes it whenever she needs it. She won’t take it if she’s hungry, but has it when she wants to suck or is uncomfortable and whingey. 

We’re lucky, we have quite a calm baby but at 4 weeks old she caught a cold from my three year old son. She got very sick and was admitted to hospital. She was in intensive care as a consequence of the RSV virus. It was awful, the doctors were worried and wanted to put her in an induced coma, it was a scary time. I wasn’t allowed to breastfeed her and she was fed by IV fluids. She was, though, still able to suck and the QudoTM Soother was amazing! It meant she could suck and be soothed during this time when she was so ill. 

She was very distressed with all the tubes and being so unwell. QudoTM Soother provided comfort. I know from my work that it was also giving her some cranial relief benefits at the same time. We luckily avoided her being put in an induced coma and after a week in hospital we were home. 

She is happily doing really well now. She’s eight weeks old and still generally a calm baby until “the witching hour”! This started at six weeks old – between roughly 6-9pm. Unsettled and whiny, the QudoTM Soother is invaluable! 

She’s much calmer when she’s sucking it and it helps her through this distressed period, providing the relief she needs. I have found that she won’t take the soother if she wants feeding or something else, she seems to know when she needs it for comfort and relief and it helps her and us through the early evening cranky time.

As a chiropractor and mum of two children I’m so grateful to Nicky and her team to have designed this particular soother. It is amazing to know it is beneficial in reducing cranial strain through the gentle pressure that gets applied to the palate. With my older child I avoided soothers altogether, but I feel confident in the design of this soother. I see it as a ‘mini treatment’ every time my baby uses it and am looking forward to recommending it to the baby patients I treat.”

The Father Shares His Experience 

“As a GP and dad who is heavily invested in the development of my child, I appreciate how this particular pacifier has been designed with great thought to minimise the potential side effects of traditional pacifiers. Although my daughter took a few tries to get used to it, it soon became easy to use. 

We didn’t realise how much of an indispensable item the pacifier had become until we lost it for a couple of days. All panic ensued until we found it again underneath the car seat!”

The QudoTM team can’t wait to launch QudoTM Soother. We are passionate about delivering Soothing ScienceTM through our soothers, providing relief and calm to babies everywhere.
 QudoTM will be launching QudoTM Soother in Spring 2023. Staying in touch via our newsletter to be the first to hear about the launch date!

6 December 2022