Have you experienced the distress of a crying baby? Join our mission to help solve the problem!

Have you witnessed the extraordinary challenges of a persistently crying or colicky baby? Whether your own, your friends, your grandchildren or perhaps you are in a related profession? Have you seen first hand the impact this can have, how uncomfortable that baby is and how distressing it can be? 

It’s so distressing for all close to the unhappy baby. 

Parents have shared the following feelings during their time in this situation:

  • Isolates & casts parents into loneliness
  • Strains & break family relationships with feelings of failure as a parent
  • leads to physical and mental exhaustion
  • It creates desperation
  • Impairs breastfeeding
  • Ruins everyday life
  • Destroys confidence and fuels low self esteem
  • Can leave parents with negative feelings and memories

Whether you plan to have a family, have older children or are nearer the time of having grandchildren in your life, how phenomenal will it feel to have supported and been part of the business that delivers the solution to solve the intense problems of a very uncomfortable and persistently crying baby! 

Our mission is to improve the lives of thousands of babies … and their families. 

By investing in Qudo Baby you can proudly say “I was part of that – I helped launch this product!”. You can do your bit with an investment that just keeps on giving, financially and emotionally.


Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware

28 February 2022