Exploring Our Values 

What are our values? As soon as we knew that Qudo™ Soother worked, we set about building Qudo™ the business and the brand, starting with the foundations of who we are. 

The first question we asked was ‘why’ – what are our values? 

  • Together we’re stronger – Collaboration and community are at the heart of what we do. We work closely with specialists to identify, develop and refine solutions. We create communities to share thinking, experiences and feedback. Because together we can do more and be stronger.
  • Driven by science – Every product we develop is based around clear and strong scientific study, evidence and practice. We apply the latest understanding. We develop new thinking. We work with specialists. We gather evidence to ensure that our products deliver real, measurable, positive results.
  • A hug when it’s needed – a supportive community – We support parents and babies in their times of need. We help parents to trust their instincts. We give them the information and reassurance they need. We bring products to them that will help everyone to relax. And when they need reassurance, advice or a shoulder to cry on, we’re there to help.
  • Challenging the norm – We like to challenge to make things better. We use our scientific knowledge, our experience and our research and testing to challenge accepted beliefs and accepted products. We like to do things differently, to stand out, to get our views heard. But we never challenge for the sake of it, only where there is a need and things can be improved.
  • Intelligent design – We take design seriously. We create forms that are functional and elegant. We use materials that maximise efficiency and safety. We test and refine to improve our products. We take time to get things right. Intelligent design helps to make choice easier.
  • Caring for our world / made in the UK – We believe that our products should benefit the world not harm it. We source our materials carefully. We recycle and dispose of used products to minimise their impact. We chose our suppliers to ensure we can proudly state they are made in the UK. 

At Qudo, we put our values into action, doing all we can to help make your baby comfortable, happy and well, so that you can enjoy this special time. 

A new baby is a wonderful thing – a life changing time full of new and amazing experiences. But it’s also hard work. A time when lack of sleep and the worry and stress of a crying baby can make you miss the magic of the time. We understand that.

23 November 2022