Do glass ceilings exist in British manufacturing?

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, the theme #BreakTheBias examines the possibility of a truly gender equal world. 

How does that translate in the business world in 2022? 

How is it possible that still, in 2022, so much campaigning is needed to achieve what should be a given in the corporate world – equality. The good news is that women help women!  Whether through collectives such as the 30percentclub and their campaign to deliver at least 30% female representation at board and executive levels, Women On Boards who look to specifically fill board roles with women; women’s national business to business networking group WIBN,; or for young girls just starting to reach out into the professional world, the incredible global organisation Inspiring Girls

And what about entrepreneurs?

My journey into manufacturing innovation has been challenging! While there is a big drive nationwide to encourage women into STEM, there remains a lack of women in manufacturing. What does it mean? Well, buntly, we have to work even harder to make ourselves heard – with fewer mentors to support the journey. 

Like many innovators, my 💡 moment came as a result of my ‘day job”. Qudo Soother™ is a new soother. With science driven innovation, it provides a safe, sensible and easy solution that is proven to work for persistent crying and colic. It has been life changing for some families going through a very testing time with a young infant. From R&D to tooling, brand development to patent awards, it has been an amazing journey. 

My working life started in the Royal Navy and moved to Bupa Health Services where I became the youngest female General Manager within the business. Following my heart and my passion for helping people, I then trained as a Chiropractor and Craniosacral Therapist and for the past 18+ years I have successfully treated many babies, children and adults and gained a respected reputation. 

Well, according to Boston Consulting Group, female-founded and co-founded startups tend to perform better than all-male ones. 

“Businesses founded by women often deliver higher revenue”

I really believe that our first product, Qudo Soother™ will be life transforming for babies and their families around the world. I founded Qudo Baby in 2020, and Qudo SootherTM has already achieved recognition in the baby industry as a finalist in the Baby Products Association Concept and Innovation Awards 2021. I have never questioned the need or business case for Qudo. I hope one day, one of those young girls looking to get into manufacturing or have the courage to create their own business will read this and say, Yes I can. 

Talk to Nicky Bateman, founder and CEO of Qudo Baby, as she explores entrepreneurship and breaking the bias alongside the founders of Stem & Glory and Her Roomies. The webinar is being hosted by CrowdCube, Tuesday 8th March at 1pm. Book your place here

7 March 2022