Challenges with your young baby?

Watch these useful podcasts where Nicky chats to Octavia from Xena, sharing tips and tricks to help calm and comfort your crying baby.

Nicky will be joining Octavia from Xena for a free three part podcast series live on Zoom at 11am on 15th May, 12th June, 3rd July, to provide support and advice to solve some of the challenges you may have with your young baby: crying, feeding and sleep.

While filled with the utter joy of welcoming your newborn to the world, there is no doubt that the first few months of parenthood can be a rollercoaster ride. Our first message is simple – you are amazing. Our second is even simpler – you are not alone. 

In the forthcoming 3 part podcast series, Octavia from Xena will be talking to Nicky and sharing some useful advice to resolve some of the normal hurdles we have to overcome as parents of newborns – from crying to sleeping and feeding.  

For first time parents in particular, there is no manual that tells you how to resolve some of the everyday challenges you face. 

We are here to help you – so pop on your headphones or just have us on speaker (don’t forget babies actually like some background noise!) and let us help you navigate babies’ first months. 

Join us live on Zoom for these valuable talks and feel free to send us any questions ahead of this or ask live, email us or DM us on Instagram. The podcast series information will also be in our Instagram and Facebook pages.

If it’s easier to sign up and download the recording another time – please do! 

Monday 15th May, 11am Challenges with a young baby: How much is too much crying? Watch the podcast here

In the first part of this series, Octavia talks to Nicky Bateman about solutions for persistent crying and colic. Nicky shares her expertise and science behind some of the issues babies and parents experience and some tips to try at home. Email us with any questions

Monday 12th June, 11am Challenges with a young baby: is your baby struggling to feed easily? Watch the podcast here:

In the second part of this series Nicky discusses feeding issues with Octavia Hamilton, sharing common problems parents have feeding their young baby with tips on how to try and resolve them. Don’t forget to send us any questions you may have or ask during the live.

Monday 3rd July 11am  Challenges with a young baby: Are you struggling to settle your baby? 

In the third of this series we discuss some tips and tricks that can help you settle your baby and share some insights to help you understand why. Nicky shares her experience and knowledge with Octavia Hamilton. 

Octavia Hamilton is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist with a keen interest in women’s health and cancer rehabilitation. Utilising a blend of scar work, acupuncture, Pilates and breath work, as well as drawing on 10 years of experience in complex trauma rehabilitation, to restore resilience and confidence to her clients.

Octavia Hamilton is the founder of XENA. A women’s health and fitness platform providing exercise and information to support women through life defining moments. XENA provides a network of experts in the field to support women in the way they deserve, being the voice of hindsight before it’s too late.

24 April 2023