Benefits of chiropractic, craniosacral or osteopathic treatments during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very exciting time and a time that brings changes to your body.

Everyone is different and the range of symptoms are different in every pregnancy. What is consistent is that the growing foetus will start being more obvious to others from 3 months onwards. 

During pregnancy, there are many physical changes and some that may cause pain and discomfort. Some of these discomforts can be helped with chiropractic, craniosacral or osteopathic treatments. These treatments can also help prepare the body for birth. 

Top 5 pregnancy ailments that can be helped with chiropractic, craniosacral and osteopathic treatments: 

  1. Back and neck ache
  2. Leg and joint pain
  3. Headaches
  4. Indigestion 
  5. Swollen ankles and feet 

By relieving stresses and tension, it can also help you to relax!

Chiropractic, craniosacral and osteopathic treatments work by making minor adjustments to the tissues and structure of the body to improve alignment. This resetting can also improve the efficiency of the nervous system and help alleviate discomfort and pain. 

Alongside skeletal improvements, craniosacral therapy can help to deliver balance to hormones and produce a feeling of improved health and well-being. The treatment is very gentle and releases tensions in the body to improve the cranial rhythm and nervous system function.  

Being pregnant is a wonderful time and your body shape will change. It may leave behind some evidence after you’ve given birth and whilst not always welcome – this is evidence of the wonders of having a baby; try to embrace the changes, reminding you how strong and unique you are.

Visiting your practitioner after giving birth can also help your body recover from the birth, rectifying misalignments and helping re-balance your body.
If you need to find a registered practitioner for you, another adult or your baby, Visit  Craniosacral Therapy Association, General Chiropractic Council or General Osteopathic Council. It is also worth asking friends and family for recommendations.

Qudo‘s mission is to help babies and parents by delivering solutions and advice to physically benefit infants and parents in a safe and comforting manner.  We combine scientific study, evidence and practice, delivering solutions and support to you in your time of need.

Qudo Soother has been developed based on knowledge from chiropractic and craniosacral therapies, knowing these can help ease discomfort.

1 July 2022