We’re live to the public on Crowdcube

We’re now live to the public on Crowdcube and wanted to share some highlights of what Qudo Baby has done to date, with a small investment in 2021, imagine what we can do with more support in 2022! Click here to see our Crowdcube page.

Our small, professional team have dedicated their time and skills to Qudo Baby because they see its value and business potential. Once we have secured the investment needed to launch, the sky’s the limit. All babies and families around the UK and around the world deserve the opportunity to have the best start to their lives. Qudo Soother can help them all,  naturally working with the body to rectify strains that cause pain and distress.

We have very exciting plans and we can’t wait to activate them with the funds from our Crowdcube campaign allowing us to launch Qudo Soother in Summer 2022! 


Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware

21 February 2022