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We’re Crowdfunding on Crowdcube!

We’ve chosen Crowdcube to launch our fundraising campaign because they have a large community of over 2 million investors who have invested more than £1 billion. Having a thorough due diligence process and the experience of supporting hundreds of businesses, big and small, to crowdfund their development, they are a great platform to share our investment opportunity with all the people who are interested in having shares in Qudo Baby. 

Qudo Baby qualifies for EIS tax relief. This means UK taxpayers can claim back up to 30% tax relief through the Enterprise Investment Scheme. For more information click this link

Why did we choose to crowdfund?

Crowdfunding gives us the opportunity to raise funds and allows a large number of people who know and love our product, and those who have just heard about us, to invest small or large sums of money.

We have had incredible support from our community, and we have seen first-hand how our approach and product has resonated with both hearts and minds – everyone knows someone whose quality of life is affected by an unhappy and persistently crying baby. Whether suffering with colic, reflux or undiagnosed discomfort, a distressed baby leads to distressed parents and families.

By launching an equity crowdfunding campaign we’re able to give everyone the chance to come onboard as an investor and own a part of Qudo Baby. With investments starting from as little as £10, it feels good to have the chance to share the opportunity with everyone that has helped us get to where we are today.

We are passionate about raising awareness of persistent crying and its consequences with parents feeling isolated, stressed and sleep deprived, leading to many unwanted consequences. Thanks to the help of our own ambassadors and the huge community at Crowdcube, our crowdfunding campaign will help us reach thousands of people, raising awareness of the problem of persistent crying and sharing advice on how to best solve it.

Who can invest?

Anyone can invest in Qudo Baby, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve just discovered us or have been part of our community since day one, we’d be thrilled to welcome you on board and have you join this journey with us. You can invest from as little as £10 and every little bit helps! You must be over 18 years old and legally entitled to invest. You’ll also need to be a resident of the UK or a country where you may legally receive financial promotions of the nature provided. 

How to invest on Crowdcube

To start investing, you’ll need to register as a Crowdcube member.  You’ll go through some questions about your investment knowledge (beginner, professional etc) and a quick questionnaire and then you’re done and it’s free. Once our page is live and you’re ready to make your first investment, simply click ‘Invest Now’ on the pitch page. You can invest from as little as £10 (although you will be prompted to make your investment in an exact multiple of the share price) to help fuel our growth.

You will be prompted with the minimum investment amount or the closest multiple of the share price when making your investment.

When creating your Crowdcube account, please make sure you create it in your own name, they can’t accept joint investments.

You pay for your investment through stripe, Crowdcube’s third party payment provider. You can use a debit, credit or prepaid card. Unfortunately, Crowdcube is unable to accept payment by cheque or bank transfer.

Once we’ve successfully funded and our campaign is closed, you will be emailed by Crowdcube to process payment and review a copy of the adopted Articles of Association. 

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.

6 January 2022