We have some exciting news to share! WE’RE CROWDFUNDING!

We have some exciting news to share! WE’RE CROWDFUNDING! In January 2022, we’ll be going live with our crowdfunding campaign. More details to come…

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Why did we decide to launch a crowdfunding campaign? 

We’re launching our first equity crowdfund in January.  We want you to join our mission to help solve the problem of persistent crying in young babies. You can have a part of our business from as little as £10. 

Our community is the cornerstone of our vision. We’ve seen first-hand how our product and expert knowledge has resonated with both hearts and minds of our community.  We wouldn’t be here today without their incredible support. Along the way, everyone we’ve spoken to has been eager to invest, not just because they see the potential – but because they have seen the Soother work. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by an unhappy baby suffering with persistent crying, colic, reflux, GORD and other discomfort that leads to a highly stressed baby … and therefore distressed parents and families. 

By launching an equity crowdfunding campaign, we’re able to give everyone the chance to be part of this really special and life changing opportunity. As an investor, you will own a part of Qudo Baby and transform the lives of potentially millions of babies. Investments start from as little as £10 so anyone can join us and support our mission.  

As well as making the Qudo SootherTM available to distressed families, our mission is to raise awareness of the causes. With the help of our own ambassadors and support of the crowdfunding community, we also hope our campaign will reach thousands of people and enable us to extend our support to those in need.

Are you ready to launch?

YES! We’ve made fantastic progress over the past 18 months, finalising the Qudo SootherTM shield design, testing the new prototype, patents granted in UK, EU & US, completing design for manufacture, getting industry validation from the Baby Products Association, starting R&D on product 2 and setting up the strong foundations of the business. With significant interest from medical professionals and retailers, 2022 is going to be an exciting year for Qudo Baby!

What will we do with the funds raised? 

We will engage our manufacturer to start making the tools for production, start manufacturing the Qudo SootherTM, build the team and put our Go to Market plan into action. With support from crowdfunders, we plan to launch the Qudo SootherTM in Q2/3 2022. 

The market and the Qudo SootherTM

Our research showed that 60% of babies suffered from persistent crying – caused by colic, reflux, GORD, trapped wind, tongue tie and general undiagnosed discomfort.  With an average of 750,000 babies born in the UK annually, that would equate to 450,000 babies suffering!  

Qudo SootherTM has been proven to help reduce persistent crying, colic, reflux and general discomfort in 73% of babies and improved the physical and mental health of all the parents. 

Research in 2016 by LV showed that parents spent an average of £11,498 per baby in their first year of life.  With UK births at 774,835 in 2016, that makes £8.9billion! The market is growing and parents are looking for effective and more natural ways to help their babies, we have the solution! 

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Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.

21 December 2021